Android users beware! The Trojan Joker is back on the scene

mobile worldon with development everything important data shift to smart phones started This means that these devices need to be protected more than ever. Especially lately, we have come across a lot of malware that looks like a normal mobile app but secretly contains viruses like Joker.

Applications that contain these viruses Google Play Store from stores like if removed They continue to threaten users in disguise. The Joker Trojan, one of the biggest enemies of the Android operating system, has also appeared again. Cyber ​​security experts warn users to remove the mentioned apps from their devices as soon as possible.

Joker Trojan found in four Android apps

Pradeo Securityin his new report More than 100,000 downloads in four Android apps Trojan joker discovery declared it to be so. Mentioned above a virusAs mentioned above, it sneaks into devices by hiding in a normal-looking app.

trojan joker
Trojan joker

After successfully completing the first stage, the next goal of the Trojan horse is to subscribe users to premium services without their knowledge. So he slowly emptied his bank accounts. It also has the potential to steal email addresses/passwords and other personal information.

Apple has announced a new feature to protect its products from cyberattacks!

Apple has announced a new feature to protect its products from cyberattacks!

Apple is improving its security system. The company introduced the anti-spyware “lock mode” feature.

Trojan jokerfour android apps with Removed from Google Play Store The danger still exists for users who have already downloaded it. because Pradeosoftware to users from their devices to deleterecommends they change their bank account passwords and check their accounts for suspicious activity.

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  • Blood Pressure Monitor – 10 bin+
  • Voice Language Translator – 10 bin+
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