Android 13’s new feature is disappointing for some!

Google has been testing for a long time. Android 13 final versionunited the Pixel series smartphones. The final version of Android 12 was released in October last year and the final version of Android 11 was released in September 2020. So Android 13 was released earlier than expected.

When users with Google Pixel phones copy text or image after installing Android 13, after some time “Paste itIt appeared that the ” option did not work.

Android 13 is available for the first phones!

Android 13 is available for the first phones!

Google made a statement and announced that Android 13 is coming to all Pixel phones about a month earlier than usual and expected.

Android 13 Clipboard Auto Cleanup Feature

As part of protecting user data, Google has enabled the automatic clipboard cleaning feature with Android 13. When you copy sensitive data such as your email address, phone number, or login information to your device’s clipboard, the clipboard is automatically cleaned after some time.

Android 13 Clipboard Auto Cleanup Feature

Google confirmed this with a published animation. This time period is set for automatic cleaning 3,600,000 ms i.e. 1 hour is set. How many people need some of the data they copied to the clipboard after hours? a separate topic for discussion.

However, this step taken to protect users will become a frustrating feature for some.

Google keyboard software Gboard it also automatically clears its clipboard after a certain amount of time, presumably for the same privacy purpose. However, no matter which keyboard you use in the Android 13 operating system, this cleaning process is done automatically.

– What do you think about Android 13’s automatic clipboard cleaning feature?

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