Android 13 made a surprise Easter egg with emojis!

Easter Eggrepresents hidden elements in digital media, TV series or movies. Ours, which translates to Easter Egg in English surprise egg Easter eggs that we can describe as fun content stands out as.

Android 13 has started flashing on the phones

Android 13′In the third patch of the world, from a new generation of operating system the first easter eggs appear. The main notable detail in the patch, which did not have many changes, was the presence of Easter eggs. Android 13 Beta 3.3 version which comes with Easter egg emoticons looks pretty fun.

Android 13 details leaked: When will it come to phones?

Android 13 details leaked: When will it come to phones?

As the release date of the Android 13 operating system approaches, many features have started to appear! Here are the details..

Surprise Eggs that portend that Android 13 is getting closer, the time is right. 13.00 hours Shown when ready. Only in the beginning colorful bubbles around the number 13 of the easter egg that appears with when you make a row with your finger where the real fun comes.

Android 13 Easter Egg

After this minute bubbles come out one by one turn into emoticons startup. As you continue to roll your finger across the screen different emoticons appears. everyone Easter Egg It hosts a different set of emoji group. That’s why when you repeat the process, you encounter different emoticons.

Android 13’te yer alan Easter Egg’de 14 different groups of emoticons place is given. These emoticons include fruits, cat emoticons, face emojis, hearts, space, moon, water creatures, monkeys, zodiac signs, clocks, flowers, turtle and royal crown icons. with the number 14 Android 14A reference has already been made to .

Android 13

On your phone to access those Easter eggs Android 13 Beta version Let me remind you that it must be installed. If this version is installed on your phone or not. Settings-About Phone-Android Version You can check with steps.

Android 13 betas Although it has started to be used, we have to wait until December for the new system to be fully launched. Android 13 First December 2022 month Samsung and OnePlus It will come to branded phones.

So what do you think of Android 13 and Easter Egg emojis? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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