Android 13 came out with a new problem

Google unveiled the Android 13 operating system at its I/O 2022 event in May. Android 13, which is still in beta, comes with some issues. Android 13 beta users have reported that the check for updates button has disappeared.

Android 13, which comes with the Metarial You design language, is eagerly awaited by many users. Recently, Google announced that it has officially released the Android 13 operating system.

Android 13 may not have a bot to check for updates

The Google Play system update announced this week has caused some Android owners to experience issues. Google Pixel and Samsung users have reported that the update screen button has disappeared.

Android 13 may not have a bot to check for updates

Google was showing Pixel users when the device was updated, the current Android version, and the date of the Google Play system update in the Google Play system update section of the security options. With the released update, this feature was also removed.

Google is offering some users Android 12 instead of Android 13!

Google is offering some users Android 12 instead of Android 13!

Google started rolling out Android 13 to Pixel users a few days ago. However, the company offered some users Android 12 instead of Android 13.

The 9to5Google team announced that it encountered a similar issue with the Pixel 6a model running Android 13. However, it states that some Nothing and Xiaomi models running Android 12 have the same issue.

Features that users will have with Android 13:

  • It comes with Android 13 Material You design.
  • Updated media control and music interface on lock screen
  • The Google Wallet app was introduced.
  • The app-specific language selection option has arrived.
  • Users can change the icon theme and color.
  • An emergency SOS can be sent with the smartwatch.
  • It is possible to switch between clock interfaces on the lock screen.
  • New security and privacy features
  • End-to-end encrypted RCS messages (Google Messages)
  • Added feature to share media between devices.
  • The Photo Selector feature that transfers media between apps has arrived.
  • Fast Pair is included in the operating system.
  • With Bedtime mode, the system will automatically dim the wallpaper.
  • Added text conversion API for languages ​​like Chinese and Japanese.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence features have been improved.
  • Provided better integration for interface manufacturers.

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