An important name in the development of digital art from Samsung

Continuing its support for the creation of digital art worldwide with its advanced technology products such as phones, tablets and screens, Samsung introduced the dART Digital Art Platform, which will contribute to the development of digital art in Turkey.

The platform, which was presented by an expert committee consisting of Turkey’s leading names in the field of digital art and NFT technologies, will be a platform that is up-to-date, guiding and covering both the development of digital art in the world and innovations in this field in Turkey .

Samsung introduced the dART platform!

With the dART platform open to anyone interested in digital art and NFT technologies in Turkey, Samsung
to remove the question marks in our mind about digital art, both for artists and young people related to this field,
It also aims to provide a living, up-to-date source of information for anyone who loves art.

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The platform, which was implemented to contribute to the evolution of digital art in Turkey, began its journey with an expert committee consisting of leading names in the field of digital art and NFT technologies.

Within the scope of the platform; In addition to supporting digital artists and young people who are dedicated to digital art through university collaborations, academic and online learning, it aims to provide services ranging from YouTube chat series to digital art and NFT dictionary, as well as visits to the workshops and studios of Leading Digital Artists in Turkey.

How they were inspired, their working techniques and routine will be shared. In addition, in the coming period, guidance will be provided for curating digital art exhibitions and research will be conducted to guide new artists to visibility. Along with all these services, it aims to position the platform as a guide for artists and young people.

Emphasizing that the Samsung dART platform will meet an important need, Samsung Electronics Turkey President and CEO Philip Choi said: “As Samsung, we continue to work rapidly on emerging technology trends and concepts around the world, focusing on expectations and user needs.

In the past months, Samsung Vice President Han Jong Hee also shared that our company will create its own Metaverse and its plans in this regard. As Samsung Turkey, in line with this perspective, we take the initiative by taking a leading role in the development of digital art and NFT technologies in Turkey.

We are excited to start a new journey with a new platform open to anyone interested in digital art and NFT technologies in Turkey and to embrace this field.”

The platform features NFT artist Hakan Yilmaz, who has been producing digital art for nearly 20 years, and Devrim Danyal, an expert with his knowledge of NFT digital artwork making and income generation.

A platform open to all

CMO of Samsung Electronics Turkey Ömer Barış Gökpınar, who hosted the presentation of the dART platform, where digital art is evaluated in a broad perspective from the stages of its development to the way it is made and its current state in our country, said in his speech :

“As Samsung, we are currently contributing to the production of digital art with our mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We also offer an alternative to displaying digital art with our Lifestyle TV screens. We design and present our digital products to include digital art. As we combine our support of the arts with technology, we have formed an expert committee consisting of our country’s leading names in digital art and NFT technology who are experts in this field with our dART platform.

Constantly nurturing our portal under the moderation of experts in the field, we present it to everyone as a platform that is up-to-date, guiding and covering both the development of digital art in the world and innovations in this field in Turkey. We aim to develop artists and young people in this field with the academy and online trainings we will create on our portal.

In addition, with the input of our expert committee, we will organize visits to the workshops and studios of the leading digital artists in our country; We will be guests of the respective faculties of universities with our experts. We will learn work techniques and routines, sources of inspiration on the spot. We will have an opportunity to ask anyone who is curious. We will answer any curious concepts with the digital art and NFT vocabulary we will create.

We will also host the leading figures of digital art and NFT on our platform and provide a live and constantly updated source of information with a series of YouTube chats. In addition, we aim to provide guidance on curating digital art exhibitions and contribute to the creation of diversity in this field in our country.

I would like to thank dear Hakan Yılmaz, Ecem Dilan Köse, Yasin Yaman, Necmi Deniz Akıncı and Berk Kır who shared their works so that we could create a small exhibition in our first event on this path we set out to support young artists in Turkey and develop digital art.” I said.

In addition to this, Gökpınar stated that another goal of the platform is to make new artists visible by providing support for curating digital art exhibitions. We start with the support of our expert board, which consists of two well-known names who are experts in their fields. We hope that our panel of experts who will contribute to our platform will grow even more with a curator in the future.

In this regard, Hakan Yilmaz, one of our expert council, will provide comprehensive consultation with his knowledge on how artists can develop their infrastructure and exhibit their works in the digital environment. Devrim Danyal, on the other hand, will provide consultancy with his knowledge and expertise in the field of NFT work and revenue generation.” I said.

Pointing out that the origins of digital art and its products that emerged in the 1990s date back to the 1960s, NFT artist Hakan Yilmaz said: “Digital art differs because it has a great partnership with computers and technology in matters such as production processes , presentation styles and sales style. I think it takes a basic art education to produce art in a projective sense, digital or otherwise.

This does not have to be taken from an academy; Nowadays, there is a lot of online media on the subject, which can be said to be limitless. Regarding the material and moral rights of creators, we can say that this issue is basically divided into two as before NFT and after NFT.

Before NFT, sales of digital artworks were done with conventional methods, that is, with a traditional contract, and the problem of copying the artworks became a huge problem in almost every sale. Since this problem has been systematically solved in the post-NFT blockchain, we can say that the days we have been waiting for have finally arrived.”

Revolution Danyal, a member of dART’s Expert Council and one of the Blockchain pioneers in Turkey, said: “First of all, when we look at the historical development of digital art and NFT, we notice that the process is as old as a recording period and is transformed into various formats until today. That is why its history spans all the world’s industries.

The first entry of NFTs into our lives was mainly through financial-based cryptocurrencies. We can say that NFTs in the financial ecosystem, which are not enough to attract everyone’s attention, have evolved into crypto assets, first meeting art and adding identity, certification, color, harmony and rhythm to our lives. We digitize and commoditize every phenomenon you can think of, intangible, immaterial, solid, liquid, gaseous, that we can record, and turn it into NFTs, and become able to re-engineer all sectors. ” he said.

For more comprehensive information on the Samsung dART platform; You can click here.

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