Amazon Raises Prime Membership Fees in Europe!

Amazon Prime subscription service; It offers many shopping services, games with Prime Gaming and cinema with Prime Video. The company, which shares these services with its customers around the world, has not made any changes to its prices for a long time. In recent economic conditions, Amazon has decided to raise Prime membership fees.

Amazon has announced that it has increased the prices of its Prime subscription service in Europe. Accordingly, subscription fees are increasing by up to 43 percent in some markets. It can be seen that the cost of increase in each market is different.

Amazon Turkey, on the other hand, shared good news in this regard. It has been announced that the price increase in Europe is not related to Turkey and in this context Amazon Turkey currently has no plan to increase prices.

Amazon Prime subscription fees increase in Europe!

Amazon has increased its annual subscription fees for Prime by 43%, which is €49 in France. The company raised its prices by 30 percent, which was 69 euros in Germany, its biggest market after the US. In the UK, the annual subscription fee, which was £79, has been updated to £95.

The new Amazon Prime subscription fees will be effective from September 15, 2022. Amazon has started sending notification emails to its customers about the price renewal. In light of the new prices, it states that subscribers may terminate their membership.

Will Amazon Raise Prices?  The description has arrived!

Will Amazon Raise Prices? The description has arrived!

Will Amazon increase its Prime subscription service? The first statement came from Turkey manager Richard Marriott.

Amazon also raised its prices in the US earlier this year. The company cited the expansion of member benefits and increased costs as the reason for the increase. With the price increase, annual subscription fees increased from $119 to $139 in the US.

Along with Prime membership, Amazon also offers various advantages in our country in terms of shopping, games and movies. In addition, they all have a monthly price of 7.90 TL in our country with one Prime subscription service. There is still no announcement of an increase in this price, which is quite affordable compared to other countries and platforms.

Amazon Turkey Regional Manager Richard Marriott, When asked in recent weeks, he said that increasing the prices of products or services is always a last resort.

So what do you think of Amazon Prime? Do you think that a promotion can be made in our country? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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