After the chip crisis, there was an “engineer shortage”!

This is a problem that the tech world has been dealing with for many years. semiconductor chip crisisis on track to quickly settle the companies’ gigantic investments. However, recent research shows that the world of technology will need engineers working in the field of electricity and electronics. Electronics Engineer Shortage It could be at the door.

Intel, TSMC and others: Shortage of electronics engineers

Thousands of graduate engineers to be a software developer Changing its sectors for Python, Java, C++ or JavaScript The popularity of such languages ​​and the fact that they make a lot of money has led to a new shortage in other engineering fields such as electronics and electronics.

Technology and Circuits Symposium. VLSI’yi (Integration on a very large scale) According to the reporthardware companies began to expand their production capacity. This situation has increased the need for engineers to work in various areas of electricity and electronics, from microchips to server-sized circuits.

The chip crisis is doping on Samsung's revenue!  The record has grown

The chip crisis is doping on Samsung’s revenue! The record has grown

Samsung’s sales increased last quarter. Unable to get the desired result from the smartphone, Samsung made a strong impression with the success of its chip.

Speaking at the symposium, Intel CEO Raja Koduri; as the world’s largest chip companies expand their supply chains.crisis of the electrical engineer“He believes he can live. Intel, TSMC ve Samsung chip giants like chip may have a hard time finding engineers to work in the chip field.

Intel CEO Raja Koduri commented on the issue. Three new Intel manufacturing sites set an example. Up to 3,000 engineers with high technological knowledge will be needed in the factories to be opened in the US and Germany. A lack of engineers to design and test the chips could slow down the factory.

“Your software people are not involved in the design of a processor core and all its aspects. Hardware workers can’t work with high-level software, so something seems amiss.

Semiconductor chips, which are used in all areas of technology from cars to computers, are in a critical position for the growth of the industry. However training in the field of electrical engineering and electronics or a reduction in the number of employed could trigger a new crisis in the sector.

What do you think about the shortage of electronics engineers? Do you think there will be another engineering crisis in the coming years? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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