Adidas RPT-02 Sol Announced! Here’s the price and features

Adidasintroduced its new wireless headphones that charge their battery with solar energy. The headband of the RPT-02 Sol model features flexible “solar cell technology” that acts like solar panels. Thus, the headphones offer up to around 80 hours of battery life. Request Features and price of Adidas RPT-02 Sol.

Features and price of Adidas RPT-02 Sol

Sports equipment manufacturer Adidas has developed headphones that combine the worlds of technology and sports. Swedish developer of solar energy technologies An exegete joint production with Adidas RPT-02 Left, on the headband part Powerfoyle It has a solar cell.

20Hz – 20kHz frequencies Working within the range of the new Adidas headphones, Bluetooth 5.2 can be connected up to 10 meters away. There is a five-way control button on the earpiece and basic music controls can be done using the button. For all functions Adidas mobile app there is also

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RPT-02 Sol, which is protected from water, IPX4 has a certificate. Adidas also said that 51 percent of the new generation headphones are made of plastic, but 87 percent of that plastic is recovered in recycling.

The biggest feature of the Adidas RPT-02 Sol model appeared on the battery side. Thanks to the battery powered by solar energy 80 hours of footage battery life offers. Adidas also said that thanks to enough sunlight, the battery can be used indefinitely.

In cases where you cannot charge the RPT-02 Sol with solar power Support USB-C cable charging available. A full charge is said to take about two hours.

on sale in Europe Adidas RPT-02 Sun from $229 open for pre-order. The company said the first shipments will depart on August 24 and then take their place in stores for sale.

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