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Addition to Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset: An Improved Glove on the Way!

Tech giant Apple has become indispensable to its users with the technology ecosystem it has created. The company, which is committed to making the products it manufactures the best, is also exploring AR/VR headsets. Information is slowly leaking out about the title, which is turning into a snake story. Now we have leaked information about the additional equipment of the product.

Apple patents design for virtual reality glove

Although limited, information about the design of Apple’s AR/VR-based headset has been coming for a long time. The device, expected to be released in 2023, is expected to replace iPhones in the long run. Information about the features of the device is coming, albeit limited, but the name of the title is still unclear.

Apple threatened its employee because of the TikTok video!

Apple threatened its employee because of the TikTok video!

Tech giant Apple is facing allegations that it threatened an employee over a TikTok video. Here are the details!

On the other hand, it is on the agenda for the title to come with multiple equipment. So much so that it was previously discussed that Apple’s headphones could be used with AirPods and the audio experience would be provided through this channel. The company doesn’t want to limit its equipment to that.

According to incoming information, Apple is specifically designed to enhance the experience of virtual reality. a glove that can provide tactile feedback received the patent. No other virtual reality equipment on the market currently offers this level of experience.

Compared to other companies, Apple entered the world of virtual reality a bit late. According to the information received, the company has explained the reason for its cautious behavior. the best of its kind It is based on the desire to bring a product that will be On the other hand, Apple will release the mixed reality headset by 2024.

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