A Statement From DARPA That Will Confuse The Cryptocurrency World!

Creation of cryptocurrencies blockchain technologyIt aims to move to a decentralized system with Web3. DARPA On the other hand, came a blockchain-centric report that was presented with promises such as immutability, transparency, and efficiency. The agency said crypto platforms should be called into question.

DARPA: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not what they seem

Known for developing new technologies for the US military, DARPA is “as big as blockchain technology is thought to be.”central and immutablesuggests that may not be the case. DARPA research, citing cryptocurrencies as an example, shows that a few people can have excessive power over an entire ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency market is growing: Bitcoin continues to grow

Cryptocurrency market is growing: Bitcoin continues to grow

Bitcoin, which has been in decline for some time, has started to rise again. The popular cryptocurrency, which is currently trading at $21,000, is recovering.

Research conducted by DARPA’s Trail of Bits revealed some remarkable results. The report identifies three ISPs worldwide over the past five years. Bitcoin traffic He showed that he controlled 60 percent of it.

It should be noted that the report presented by Trail of Bits does not make any criticism of blockchain or cryptocurrencies. DARPA said the technology is cryptographically secure. responsible for overseeing the blockchain your mechanisms are faulty stated this.

According to DARPA, temporary changes made to blockchain software can alter transactions, leading to decentralization. Additionally, platforms that control the majority of a given chain increase the likelihood that they will use the services for their own benefit.

Trail of Bits also explored the Bitcoin network. research, the largest cryptocurrency revealed that 21 percent of the chains it was encrypted on ran on vulnerable, old kernels.

old in relation to web3 The CEO of Twitter is Jack Dorsey’den similar statements were made. Dorsey said Web3 is “a centralized organization presented under a new alias.” Elon Musk’s Let us remind you that they have no brilliant ideas about Web3.

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