A new resolution option is coming to PlayStation 5!

Sony presents the long-awaited PlayStation 5 new resolution option testing has begun. Previously supported 720p, 1080p and 2160 (4K) resolutions PlayStation 5it will soon get the much sought after 1440p option.

PlayStation 5 gets a new 1440p resolution

For Sony, PlayStation 5 game console 1440p resolution announced that it has begun testing its support. Testers, starting today 1440p support It will be available in a new beta version of the PS5 system software, which includes curated lists of games for their library and new social features.

From PlayStation to Xbox!  Giant bought the studio

From PlayStation to Xbox! Giant bought the studio

PlayStation paid $3.6 billion for Bungie. Bungie, which developed the Destiny and Halo series, is now part of PS Studios.

The new 1440p resolution option is available for PS5 owners. compatible TVs and monitors. it can be used. For the new resolution settings to work fully, games must too 1440p resolution needs support. Otherwise 4K games will show with advanced smoothing.

PlayStation resolution

There is beta software PS5 owners, they can check if their HDMI-connected display supports 1440p in the display and video tab of the PS5 board. Sony has confirmed that variable refresh rate will not be supported at 1440p and will only be available on PS5. 1080p and 4KIt warns its users that it will work in .

The latest is coming to PS5 models software updatedesigned to facilitate game editing new game listings bring with you. for each 100 games can fit Up to 15 lists can be created.

Sony is also new social network It also brings features. With the new features, you’ll be able to request your friends to start sharing their screens and creating when you join the party You will be able to receive notifications showing when you can join your friend’s current game. From now on also in the party stickers and voice messages can be sent.

Sony releases new software for PS5 beta testers Testing has begun with It’s likely that all PS5 owners will get new features in the coming months. so you are new 1440p resolution What do you think of the option? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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