77 billion transistor graphics card from Biren

Chinese Biren technologyduring the Biren Explore Summit 2022 event Two BR100 HPCs present the graphics card. Biren is a general purpose utility that delivers impressive results. graphics card architecture It aims to fight with large international companies.

Biren Technology wants to compete with international companies

BR100 of two, 77 billion transistors It is distinguished by its chip architecture. 2.5D CoWoS packaging from TSMC and 7 nm manufacturing technology The graphics card, manufactured using a GPU with 2.3 TFLOPs of bandwidth, 64 GB HBM2E memory Except for 300MB built-in cache owner. Also on the graphics card special cooler part is included.

How do I update the graphics card? [AMD / NVIDIA]

How do I update the graphics card? [AMD / NVIDIA]

AMD and NVIDIA graphics card users have 2 options when they want to update. Here are all the steps…

Company, up to 77 billion transistors chip with human mimics brain nerve cells and that the chip itself can be used for DNN and AI purposes. The company in this way NVIDIAHe believes the country’s reliance on AI GPUs will decrease.

Biren BR100 graphics card

During the promotion Biren technology, explained the various graphics card performance metrics. Offering 2048 TOP (INT8), 1024 TFLOP (BF16), 512 TFLOP (TF32+), 256 TFLOP (FP32) values, the graphics card has better performance indicators than the NVIDIA Ampere A100. of NVIDIA Hopper H100 on the other hand, the graphics card manages to offer roughly 2x the performance on the same performance measurements.

BR100, Bilirene architecture It’s the company’s flagship graphics card model, but it rises above it. The company is too PCIe based BR104 graphics card introduced. Positioned below the flagship model, the BR104 expectation of performance for lower clients.

One standard BR104 PCIe card The BR100 is also available as an OAM. It offers standard PCIe performance with a TDP of 300W BR104 Details about it have not yet been revealed. The Chinese company did not make a statement about the price of the two graphics cards.

Well, you signed with Biren Technology up to 77 billion transistors What do you think about the graphics card it has? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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