5 Features You Probably Didn’t Know About Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi brings multiple features to its devices with its own user interface, MIUI. Although many features of MIUI are widely used by users, unfortunately, some of them are known to very few people. We have collected for you the overlooked features that you might not have noticed on your Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices. You can use our list to use your phone more functionally!

Hidden MIUI features you might have overlooked

Optimize your device from the notification bar

Almost all Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices have a self-installed security app. When you enter this application, there is an option that allows you to optimize the performance of your phone and also allows you to clear unnecessary data in the storage. Probably many users know about this feature. However, you can perform all these operations with one tap without needing to log into the app.

There is a hidden option that will allow you to show this feature in the notification bar by clicking on the Settings option at the top right corner of the security app. This way, you can quickly optimize your device by opening the notification bar with one swipe without any hassle.

Prevent automatic volume down

Under normal conditions, when you receive a notification while watching a video or listening to music on your phone; The content you consume is automatically muted. This will get quite annoying, especially if you are someone who receives a lot of notifications during the day. But with this MIUI feature, you can control multiple sound sources. You can control the volume of notifications while watching a video by going to the Sound & Vibration section of the Settings page.

Do not disturb time mode.

In addition to standard use, the MIUI interface has vibration and mute modes. But unlike other interfaces, Xiaomi has a mode called do not disturb. The feature of this mode is that it automatically silences all incoming calls, messages and other notifications.

This mode, which many users, especially students, consult from time to time, has a small hidden function. Since many users have forgotten to activate Do Not Disturb mode, the company has developed a scheduling feature. When activating the mode, it is possible to automatically set when you want it to turn itself off.

Restrict internet access to any app you want

Although we are not aware of it, many mobile applications are secretly consuming our internet. Perhaps this is the main reason for the high data usage you notice at the end of the month. To prevent this, Xiaomi phones have a feature that allows you to restrict internet access to an app you want. Thanks to this feature on the settings page, you can have the option to use the app you want with Wi-Fi only. This way you can save a significant amount of data.

Mute calls by turning your phone over

One of the most interesting hidden gems in Xiaomi phones is the mute feature by turning your device upside down. When you receive a call on your phone lying on the table, you can mute the call and block out the noise by simply turning the device over. It also prevents the notification light from flashing and you can also stop the vibration. To do this, it will be enough to go to the Settings page of your phone, click on the Incoming calls option and check the text to mute the call.

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