3 Months Free Xbox PC GamePass from Vodafone!

Vodafone with FreeZone 6 years ago he stepped continues to increase its presence in the eSports and gaming market. Adding Microsoft’s new Xbox PC GamePass product to its portfolio, FreeZone offers its new customers, promising to reflect their invoices, more than 200 popular games such as Forza, Flight Simulator, Halo, Sea of ​​​​Thieves, Call of Duty. first 3 months freethe remaining 9 months offer the possibility to reach from 29.99 TL per month.

With Xbox PC GamePass, the Microsoft platform that allows you to play more than 200 high-quality PC games with a monthly subscription fee of 29.99 TL. Forza, Flight Simulator, Halo, Sea of ​​Thieves, Call of Duty High quality games that can be played on PC or console.

GamePass option from Vodafone and Microsoft!

Xbox Game Studios games are added the day they are released to the platform, which is enriched with new games added constantly. Xbox PC GamePass aims to make the lives of billions of people around the world more enjoyable by creating gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy.

Meltem Bakiler Şahin, Vice President of the Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey, said:;

“We at Vodafone FreeZone are one of the biggest supporters of gaming and eSports development. Today, one in two people in Turkey play mobile games.

FIFA 23 accidentally went on sale for 1 lira!

FIFA 23 accidentally went on sale for 1 lira!

Electronic Arts made a big mistake in India by selling FIFA 23 at a 99.98 percent discount for Rs 4.80.

With our FreeZone Gaming portfolio and add-on packs for gamers, we give young gamers the chance to win gifts from the gaming world every month, as well as non-internet-powered applications, and provide them with the best gaming experience with low latency ping. In this context, we have taken another important step by adding the new Microsoft Xbox PC GamePass product to our game portfolio.

We are offering this product, which has made a great impression in the gaming world, for the first 3 months free to our new customers who promise to consider their invoices. In this way, we provide our young gamers with access to more than 200 popular games at affordable prices. As a brand that embraces the world of gaming in 360 degrees, we will continue to take steps to strengthen this ecosystem and benefit everyone.”

Özge Bozkurt Doyuran, Sales Director for Microsoft Turkey, Israel and South Africa markets he said:

“At Microsoft, we place great importance on investing in the gaming world and supporting the gamer ecosystem. Vodafone is a strategic business partner for us in terms of reaching the right player base. Vodafone FreeZone is also an extremely dynamic and fast-growing brand.

With PC GamePass, we relieve gamers of the burden of purchasing games by offering a subscription for a low monthly fee. Thanks to this collaboration between FreeZone and PC GamePass, we are excited to open a new door to the world of gaming, especially for young people.”

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